“The University Report Card helps illuminate the effects of academic biomedical research on the health of the world’s poor, and hold universities accountable for the impact, or lack of impact, that their policies have on global health. I am grateful to the students of UAEM for creating the scorecard, and strongly encourage students, faculty, and broader university communities to call on their institutions to enact policies that increase access to lifesaving medicines and medical technologies for those who need them most.”

 –Dr. Paul Farmer, Founder of Partners in Health

“We are delighted that UAEM has chosen to promote access to vaccines through the mechanism of the Open COVID Pledge, a lightweight and enforceable legal framework for making intellectual property available in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The ethos of IP sharing that is embodied in the Pledge can help to alleviate the enormous human suffering that continues to emerge from this public health emergency.”

 –Jorge L. Contreras, Professor, S.J. Quinney College of Law,
University of Utah


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STAT News: Most U.S. universities get an ‘F’ on ensuring access to drugs they discover, by Ed Silverman

dot.LA: New study finds that UCLA and other top research universities have done little to make new drugs accessible, by Keerthi Vedantam


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