Take Action


As students, you have the power to urge your university to respond to the important impact areas highlighted by the University Report Card. Your voice matters to university administrators.

Approach your university

Refer to the 2020 UAEM Report Card Advocacy Guide for advice on which strategies may work best with your school.

It's not where your university sits compared to other schools but their overall score that matters

Get involved

  icon of hands holding a graduation cap    Get involved in your university’s chapter or start your own.
  icon of head with a lightbulb    Watch some fun and informative videos on UAEM and the importance of the access to medicines movement.
  icon of smiling person with megaphone    Participate in ongoing advocacy work through other UAEM partners like FreeTheVaccine for COVID-19.

Contact Us

Still have questions? We’re happy to chat! Contact the UAEM Report Card team for guidance.